Why I'm Running 

I Love What Being Outdoors in Urbana's Parks Does for People's Bodies, Minds and Spirits. 

As a daily walker at Meadowbrook Park and a frequent birdwatcher at Crystal Lake and Busey Woods, I especially enjoy Urbana parks’ unique natural areas. The sight of twin fawns playing in a meadow, the sound of an owl couple calling to each other in the twilight, the thrill of seeing a fox trot across the path in front of me are only a few of the ways our parks have lifted my sights and elevated my mood.

I Appreciate How Park District Programs Strengthen People and Unite the Community.

Some of my favorite park memories involve hearing third graders cheer at finding Virginia bluebells in Busey Woods, watching fourth graders quietly turn to see a bright orange oriole I’d found in their outdoor “classroom,” and seeing people of all ages and ethnicities dance at a neighborhood night.

I Want to Continue to Be a Part of the Team of Staff, Volunteers and Board of Commissioners Who Have Made Our Parks and Programs Possible

As an historian of Meadowbrook Park, a past member of the Park District’s Advisory Committee (UPDAC), and now a park commissioner, I am grateful for what past park district team members have brought into existence. I want to continue to help develop the future of our parks and programs.

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