Why Vote For Roger  

He Knows Urbana's Parks and Has a First-Hand Understanding of How the Urbana Park District Operates.

As a Commissioner and member of the Urbana Park District Advisory Committee, Roger is familiar with its parks and facilities. 

He Has a Proven Track Record of Serving This and Other Illinois Communities.

Roger has served on boards and committees for 35 years. He knows how to work with a team, both as a leader, and as a team member. He knows how to communicate his viewpoint, but also how to build consensus.

He Votes in the Best Interests of Urbana Residents.

Roger knows how to listen to a variety of people with diverse viewpoints. He served as an ordained clergy person for more than 30 years. where he learned to value the thoughts and feelings of each individual.

He Has Supported and Will Continue to Support the Four Pillars of the Park District's Strategic Planning Initiative. 

  1. Rehabilitating Crystal Lake by improving its water quality, shoreline, trail system, and Lake House.

  2. Reaching more residents in our diverse community who are underrepresented in our parks and programs.

  3. Promoting connections between the Kickapoo Rail Trail, Weaver Park, and east Urbana.

  4. Promoting the health and wellness of all our residents with a long term plan to build an indoor recreation facility.

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